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Functional Training

The Odoo functional training program is designed for clients, infrastructure providers, and end-users who aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of Odoo's functionalities. The covers topics such as:

  • Receive in-depth training on all functional modules from Odoo experts.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest editions and versions of Odoo.
  • Acquire the skills to install, manage, and configure the basic modules.
  • Learn how to utilize Odoo Studio to create and customize.
  • Boost your business efficiency while reducing time and cost.

Technical Training

The Technical Odoo Training program is focused on providing new candidates and IT professionals with knowledge and skills in Odoo customization and development. The course covers the following topics:

  • Installation of Odoo on Linux/Windows.
  • An overview of the Odoo framework.
  • Development of Odoo apps.
  • Handling technical problems in Odoo.
  • Familiarization with various programming languages used in Odoo.

Corporate Training

Corporate training is aimed at corporate business companies that are currently using Odoo or plan to fully integrate Odoo into their operations. The training covers:

  • Instruction on the use of specific Odoo modules in business processes.
  • Engaging live demonstrations and interactive sessions.
  • Video-based training.
  • Live support provided.