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Odoo ERP Implementation Packages


Package A 


Package B


Package C


Package D


Training 6 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours
DB Backup
Company Limit Single Company Single Company Single Company Single Company
Duration 1 Day 2 Days 1 Week 2 Weeks
Assistance in Master Data Import
Custom Module Installation (Module must be compatible with each other)
SSL and Domian Configuration $499 Extra* $499 Extra* $499 Extra* $499 Extra*
Mail Server Configuration $499 Extra* $499 Extra* $499 Extra* $499 Extra*


Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation can be considered as a difficult and challenging task if not done correctly, hence, it requires an expert. However, Ten Orbits Pvt Ltd, an Odoo ready partner, offers you a hassle-free implementation of user-friendly Odoo platforms tailored to your business needs. We specialize in Odoo implementation and have a well-defined methodology that has been well practiced and mastered:

Ten Orbits Pvt Ltd has been Odoo implementation companies in Nepal for the past 6 years and is still going strong in the Odoo community. Furthermore, Ten Orbits  manage the platform's development and implementation in accordance with clients requirements and in accordance with the best and most standardized procedures, all while maintaining the Odoo platform's functionality.

  • Analyze your needs
  • Develop your platform
  • Configure it with your business
  • Train you to operate
  • Constant support and maintenance
  • Constant support and maintenance

Requirement Analysis

Ten Orbits starts by thoroughly understanding your business needs. Without a clear understanding of what is required, it is difficult to create effective solutions. We prioritize the wants and needs of our customers when making decisions.

Customization and Development

After understanding your needs, Ten Orbits proceeds to develop an Odoo ERP system tailored to your business. Our goal is to provide a solution that meets your specific requirements. We make sure that the development adheres to industry standards and norms.

Odoo Deployment and Configuration

Ten Orbits offer a high level of flexibility in configuring the ERP system to fit your business needs. We make sure that all functions and analytical tools align with your company's requirements. As a result, users will have a personalized and customized experience in their work interface.

Data Migration

Data migration is a crucial aspect of implementing an ERP system. To ensure smooth business operations, it is important that data is accurate and complete. Ten Orbits takes great care to transfer your existing data, including any current software, Excel files, and previous versions of Odoo, to the new Odoo ERP system.


Training and Support

Because Odoo is a comprehensive system, proper training can improve efficiency and professionalism. Ten Orbits offers comprehensive training to end users after the implementation through various communication channels such as Skype, Teamviewer, videos, and supporting documents.



Make it Live

Ten Orbits are always available to assist you in handling any challenges that may arise. We work with you to determine the optimal implementation of your ERP and help to elevate your business to new levels of success.



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