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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Making business ready for AI adoption

We work with Computer Vision/Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Our AI related Services, allows to integrate various AI based solutions into exisitng or new softwares. We provide Machine Learning Services and build AI based specialised models out of large data.

Machine Learning & Data Engineering

Computer Vision and Image Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Our Work with AI

Search in Video

Seearch in video searches for image in any frame of a video. the tool allows you to create queue and processes search in background, so that you can upload multiple images and multiple long videos and not wait for search results.

Search Picture Library

The tool searches for picture within your picture folder it can find  same/duplicate pictures, photos with same person and photos with similar context (e.g. sports, festival, travel)

Find a person

Allows you to search for information of a person by uploading picture.

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