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At 10 Orbits, we persuade a vision to provide right technology to business at different stages of digital transformation.

In order to streamline our services, 10 Orbits performs under 4-wings a) ERP & IT Solutions b) Offshore Outsourcing Solutions c) Innovations d) Artificial Intelligence— each wing specializes in the services needed by business as they reach different maturity level of digital transformation.

10 Orbits | ERP & IT Solutions

Full fledged ERP Solutions in partnership with Odoo

10 Orbits | Outsourcing Solutions

IT Outsourcing Services for Offshore Software Development

10 Orbits | Innovations

Business Incubator Service for Digital Innovations

10 Orbits | Artificial Intelligence

Power of Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

10 Orbits | ERP & IT Solutions

Complete ERP Suite for Manufacturing, Sales/Purchase/Inventory and Construction Management

ERP Suite

Powered by Odoo, a modular, customizable and easy to implement

Odoo is no. 1 Open source ERP System, with nearly same functionality as SAP, and Oracle but is more user friendly than SAP and Oracle. Moreover being an Open source it’s implementation costs is just a fraction of SAP and Oracle. Read more at www.odoo.com

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Odoo Compared with SAP, Oracle


Fully Integrated with Accounting, Inventory and Pos


Fully Integrated with Purchase, Accounting, Inventory


Fully integrated with Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing and Accounting

Point of Sales (PoS)

The PoS system for touch screens, will full integration to purchase inventory and accounting


Approved by IRDA can be used as standalone, or be integrated with other ERP modules


Approved by IRDA can be used as standalone, or be integrated with other ERP modules

Human Resource Management System

HRMS that can be used standalone, or can be fully integrated with ERP

Construction Management

An ERP Specialized for construction management

10 Orbits | Outsourcing Solutions

Hire an offshore software development team Or Outsource your software development services

Offshore Software & AI/ML Development Services

Offshore Software Development and Staffing Solution for Startups, Scaleups, Digital Marketing Agencies

We work with startups, software product development companies, digital agencies and enterprises to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market.

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Offshore Staffing

Our offshore staffing services allows you to extend your team that work with your processes, tools and technologies.

ERP/Odoo Development and customization

We provide various ERP related services including, Development of custom modules, implementation and customisation services

Software Development

Software Development Services on various technology stack

Server Administration & Hosting

We offer various cloud services and maintenance of VPS.

Mobile APP Development

We provide Wireframes, UI/Design and develop a native mobile apps for ios and android devices

Website Development

We provide custom web design services on various technology stacks and CMS

10 Orbits | Innovations

Want to create business with digital as primary strategy? 10 orbits can be your Co-founder, CTO or Business Strategist

Business with Digital as primary strategy

10 Orbits Innovations is an attempt to clear out any hinderances a digtal startup might be facing

Today a innovative business ideas needs a strong technical team and a business strategist who understands digital platform and digital audience well. Obvisously hiring a CTO that would create a world-class product or hiring a Business Strategist who understands digital world is not always an option for startups. 10 Orbits Innovations is ready to hold hand to promising founders to make it market and investment ready for proper growth

Idea Validation

Have a great idea? 10 Orbits Innovations can help idea convert into a product.

Product/Market Validation

Your idea and product might need improvements and tweaks to be market-fit, 10 Orbits Innovations will help you try, test and improve your product

Scale up

A great product specially with digital strategy can scale up quickly. 10 Orbits innovations can help you create digital strategies and exploit digital platforms for quick scale ups

10 Orbits | Artificial Intelligence

We work with Computer Vision/Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

AI Based Services

We specialise in AI based domains like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Our AI related Services, allows you to integrate various AI based solutions into your exisitng or new softwares. You can esily integrate image recognition, image matching, image tagging or use natural language processing to extract meaning of sentence or to automatically generate tags. We also provide Machine Learning Services and build AI based specialised models out of large data

Computer Vision/Image Recognition

Use Image matching, Image Recognition and Image Tagging into your existing or new product.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing allows computers to understand meaning of words, sentences or paragraphs, it can be used for chatbots, auto tagging or natural search.

Machine Learning

We train and create AI based models, using various machine learning techniques


Our valued partners

10 Orbits is Odoo Ready Partner

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